Branding / Customization

All Door Tablet layouts are fully customizable ensuring they will look the way you want them to, fit into the way you work and complement your company’s aesthetics and brand values.

Door Tablet offers the ability to:
  • Modify
    • Font type
    • Font size
    • Colors
    • Spaces
    • Backgrounds colors and patterns
    • The icons used for:
      • Information
      • Facilities
      • Buttons
      • Check-in buttons
      • Room equipment and furnishings
    • The graphics used as the traffic lights
    • Timer donuts
    • QR Codes colours
    • Current room status styling
  • Add:
    • Graphics
    • Images
    • Logos
    • Bespoke messaging
    • Bespoke terminology 
    • Custom slideshows when rooms not in use

You can choose whatever theme you wish to use or just stick to our attractive default themes.

You can apply customizations to any or all devices.  Different groups of rooms could have different themes based on their use (e.g. meeting rooms are blue, therapy rooms are red) or their location (e.g. a different background image for each floor).

You are in complete control of the customizations via the administrator interface which runs on your browser.  Because the Doot Tablet system is software and device agnostic, the layout customizations will be applied to all devices in a similar manner and always be consistent and easy to change. 

Customizations can also be applied to wayfinding displays.

Stick to our attractive default layout or choose from our library of around 20 themes, or create your own for a truly bespoke offering, using the Door Tablet flex design editing suite.

Below is a single room layout using the "Metallic" theme:

The "Berry" theme below: 

The "Autumnal" theme below:

This is an overview layout using the "Metallic" theme: 

The Metallic theme is used as a basis for creating other designs, like this one here:

Easy branding

Add your brand or logo or any image across any or all devices to enhance your corporate messaging.  Below we have added the IBM logo to the heading text area:

Adding images

You can add any image or photograph to the layout.  Below we have added an image to the information display area:


Here are further examples of single room displays that are branded and customized. 

Customizing Traffic lighting

Depending on the room status (free/busy soon/busy) you can customize how the layouts signal this to users:  

Choose your own terminology and wordings

Change the phrases or words displayed by the system.  Do you prefer your workspaces to be “busy” or “occupied” or “engaged”?  You can decide all this and more…

Customizable screensavers

Enable screensavers across any or all devices when not in use.  This could include corporate messaging, images, videos or slide-shows – your choice!

Customizable power options

Door Tablet enables efficient power consumption in all our devices.  Displays can go completely to sleep when not needed, meaning your corridors will not be wastefully lit up at night.  Control the power consumption of your display devices from anywhere and at any time.  Switch off screens, put them into power saving modes, and wake them up as required - automatically.

Flexible display

From Door Tablet 9.1.3 Door Tablet includes a new feature that allows you to design the single room display in any way you like. The objects and interactive features of the display are all sitting on a flat canvas and you decide where each object is shown and how it looks.

For more information on how to use this feature, see here

Language options

Door Tablet supports 13 different languages.

Current languages:
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Finnish
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Korean

Security customizations

To enhance confidentiality and security, you are in full control of how much information you wish to display about any given workspace. 

Other Door Tablet Displays