Manage Workspace Access with Door Tablet CredoID integration. Enjoy full control and maximize ROI with CredoID. Explore now! Anonymousprnt::Y

Access Control

Door Tablet + CredoID

Workspace Signage and Access Control

Door Tablet and CredoID have integrated technologies to provide a powerful access control and room signage solution. With CredoID and Door Tablet, you choose the most appropriate identification – card, PIN, number plate, biometric or mobile ID. You decide system capacity and maintenance period. CredoID provides full control of your project integration, installation and, ultimately ROI.

Combine usage of CredoID for Access and other supported ID sources, such as Door Tablet ID source.

  • Access to IDs stored when performing Door Tablet tasks, such as booking a space, or checking-in
  • Allowing access to spaces only during the time a space is booked by a specific user
  • Card free unlocking from within a space
  • Remote opening a space

Highlight features:

  • Door-Tablet integration for classroom / conference room management
  • Digifort VMS integration for video snapshot confirmation for events
  • Active Directory integration for seamless management of large user and credential quantities