Our Wayfinding Displays and Floorplans Provide Overview and Clarity. Available as either Interactive or Non-interactive Options. Anonymousprnt::Y

Get a Bird's-eye View with Wayfinding Displays

VIDEO: Wayfinding displays VIDEO: Floor plan display

Make our room booking software more accessible with Wayfinding displays.

Give more power to your staff

Make impromptu meetings more available
Wayfinding displays help get the right people to the right rooms, at the right time. Easy room and resource booking from any display allows staff to get a formal talking space in no time. View all bookings in real time in your scheduling system
Accessibility and ease of use, right there when you need it
Use Wayfinding displays strategically in the lobby, front desk or employee lounge
Touch enabled
Choose between interactive (touch-screen) displays or view-only (non-touch) displays

Many purposes, Large screens

Door-Tablet Wayfinding displays available in a variety of flavors

Floor plan view
Floor plans may be interactive or display-only. Instantly provide staff an overview or available rooms or desks
Cluster view
Cluster displays may be interactive or display-only.  Instantly view current and future bookings in your neighborhood of rooms
Airport style view
View a list of current and future meetings, in a familiar airport style layout

Turn any display into a Door Tablet display with Door Tablet ABX

Compact and tough
Fits easily behind all displays using the supplied Velcro fittings. A robust device that will survive knocks, bangs and withstand uninterrupted use.
Full HD and Multi-Screen Output
Get a clear image with crystal-clear text even from afar.
Easy to install & use
Works "out of the box" with the Door Tablet system. Enables Wayfinding displays, welcome messaging and digital signage to be seen in your communal areas.
Wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi
Clean installation via a single cable, with IEEE 802.3 standard. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available.


Powerful Android or Windows Solution for any TV
Bring Wayfinding to any TV / display by connecting the low-cost & compact Door Tablet ABX
Comprehensive Integration
Native integration with all scheduling systems (Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Exchange, Academic and hospitality systems). We are also able to create custom solutions for your needs
Interactive displays include check-in and check-out via touch or RFID reader
Automatic cancellation and freeing resources after “no shows”. Ability to extend meeting, terminate meeting or release the room
Extensive Language Support
15 languages available and customize your own lexicon
Fully customizable branding including backgrounds, fonts, sizes, layouts and more

Deploy a powerful solution that suits your space