Door Tablet CIR

The Door Tablet CIR is our unique disk-shaped touch device that can sit on a desk or be easily mounted on nearly all other surfaces.  It is only available from us and consists of a rectangular touch screen display and a crescent-shaped colored status indicator.

Benefits of the Door Tablet CIR:

  • 3.5" touch screen displays a streamlined version of our standard layout - all the booking functions you need, but in a smaller device including:​
    • instant workspace booking from that device
    • check-in
    • extend meeting
    • terminate meeting 
    • check-out
  • Two interactive display layouts available - choose the display that best suits your space (solo or multi-user) and swap between them
  • RFID/NFC integration:
    • Simply tap in and out of meetings
    • Set security and access levels
    • Audit meeting attendance 
  • Integrates fully with Door Tablet motion sensors - automatically signals if workspaces are occupied on screen and via the crescent segment lighting
  • Manage remotely - all devices using Door Tablet software can be managed just using a web browser, anytime and anywhere
  • Warm, bright LEDs illuminate the crescent segment to show status at distance - instantly see if a workspace is booked from across a room or corridor.  LED colors offered are red, amber, green, blue
  • Bluetooth enabled - connectivity where you need it

  • WiFi connectivity - for remote management and continuous updating of workspace status
  • 5V power supply - no battery required, always ready to be used, no need to remove to open up the device
  • Sleep options available - save money, power and the environment when CIR is not in use
  • Mounts securely on most surfaces - cosy corners, huddle rooms, booths and cubicles 
  • Sits discreetly on a desk - for distraction-free hot desking which doesn't take up excessive space
  • Sturdy, durable and tamper proof - all our devices stand up to the knock and bumps of busy office life
  • Water resistant - no need to panic if drinks are spilled on the desk
  • Easy to clean - a quick wipe and it will sparkle
  • Works "out of the box" - no complicated installation or set-up
  • Sleek and elegant - enhances your work environment 
  • Easy to move - put CIR where you want it and move it as your needs change 
  • Cheaper than a tablet display - saves you money

We offer two display layouts for the CIR, which the administrator can allocate and swap between 

Numerical (NU) layout

Envisioned for workspaces which accommodate two or more users at a time:
  • huddle rooms
  • small rooms
  • larger booths / cubicles
It shows numerical countdowns in multiple directions:
  • in red, for showing how long a space will be busy (reinforced by red crescent light)
  • in green, showing for how long the space will available (reinforced by green crescent light)
  • The CIR integrates with motion sensors allowing you to show that a workspace is in use by displaying a custom message (e.g. Do Not Disturb) and a blue crescent light
It shows:
  • time and date
  • workspace name
  • large numerical timer countdown (as above)
  • free/busy status via crescent light
  • defaults to showing workspace is free in green when workspace is not in use
It offers:
  • check-in/check-out (via RFID or onscreen keyboard)
  • immediate on device booking (via screen keyboard input or RFID) - it will ask for number of users (confirmed by RFID as needed) and the duration of use

Desk (DSK) layout 

Envisioned for workspaces which has a single/solo user:
  • hot-desk
  • solo booth / cubicle
It makes hot-desking easy for the busy worker looking to drop in quickly, work for a time, and move on.

It shows:
  • time and date
  • workspace name
  • name of the user (if booked in advance)
  • time and duration of the booking (if booked in advance)
  • free/busy status via crescent light
It offers:
  • check-in/check-out (via RFID or onscreen keyboard)
  • immediate on device booking (via RFID or onscreen keyboard)
CIR DSK integrates with a motion sensor to automatically show free/busy status on screen, reinforced by crescent light color.


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