Door Tablet School

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Using the Demo Server 2:57
How you can use the demo server - at minimal hassle and no cost - to learn how our product can help make your meetings more efficient.
Basic App Features 6:19
The Door Tablet basics: how to check in, change details, ordering help from the room. Check details on other rooms, all from your tablet.
Your Server and Auto Resume 4:14
How to get running on Door Tablet, establishing a connection to your own server. And how does our Auto Resume feature help you?
Installing the Door Tablet Server 4:03
This video goes through the first steps of installing the Door Tablet server, and how to log in from there to the Web User Interface.
Connecting to Office 365 2:56
For users of Office 365, this video goes through the steps of configuring it to work with Door Tablet, and looks particularly at synchronising rooms.
Using the Quotation Tool 6:25
See here how registered users of the Door Tablet website can use the Quotation Tool to secure quotes that hold firm for 30 days.
Steps for Becoming a Reseller 2:45
If you are interested in becoming one of our growing community of resellers, this video is for you. It will take you through the steps.
Selling Door Tablet 5:54
Here we consider how resellers, once they are approved, can use the Quotation Tool to appreciate the discount levels that are available to them.
Accessing Wayfinding Displays 4:03
Here we see how Door Tablet faces the challenge of showing people how to find their way to the correct meeting room.
NFC Enablement 3:36
How to enable NFC in an organisation with cards but no suitable listings
Making Rule Changes to a Group of Rooms 2:45
Making changes to a room booking is easy when you have one tablet, one room. But how easy is it to change the settings to apply to a large group of rooms? You certainly...
How to License Door Tablet 3:27
Once you have installed Door Tablet it is time to obtain licenses for the software. This video will show you how to apply codes to secure licenses and distribute these...
Using the Demo Server on a Tablet 2:32
We will explain how to obtain the app so you can use the demo server on a tablet