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Configue server for UA

The following steps are required when configuring the Door Tablet server for use with Google Universal Analytics (UA).
  1. Update the system profile
  2. Restart the server add-in
  3. Update resources with available bookable hours
  4. Ensure the add-in is able to access the internet and post hits
  5. Enable and use the Simulator
The majority of the work must be carried out in the Door Tablet Web UI. We recommend that you use this interface exclusively.

Update the system profile with UA information
This step assumes that you have already prepared UA for use with Door Tablet. See here: Database 'Door Tablet HELP', View 'Help Documents', Document 'Configure UA'

Restart the server add-in
The Door Tablet server add-in will automatically restart. It will restart whenever the check box above is checked.

Note: the above check box is automatically clicked if you make changes relevant to UA.

When Door Tablet starts or restart it will report its setup:

Update Resource with available hours, and IP
When Door Tablet sends End of Day (EOD) hits to UA, it does so with the knowledge of how many bookable hours are available for the day of the week.

You should also add a valid IP to the room which represents an external IP of the location. Use a web site which allows you to specify a location and return an IP range for the area. The IP, if available, is posted with the hits, and UA will calculate the location of the resource, allowing you to use this as another dimension for your reports.

Ensure the add-in is able to access the internet and post hits
The easiest way to ensure that Door Tablet can access the internet is to use a browser on the server, and open the Google Analytics site. If Door Tablet is unable to post hits it will report this both to the console and to the Door Tablet Web UI log. Use the simulator to ensure the the add-in works.

Enable and use the Simulator
The Door Tablet UA Simulator is helpful in testing the integration with UA. We use the Simulator when we develop the code and we think it will be valuable. Why use the simulator:
  1. It allows for testing of the UA integration
  2. Create hits for all your active meeting spaces/resources, even when no display is attached to these
  3. Work on creating useful reports on fake data

Access the simulator
The simulator is accessible from within the Web UI only:
  1. Log in to the Door Tablet Web UI
  2. Click on "Bookings" then "Simulated/For Analytics Setup"

Creating Simulated Reservations
You can easily create thousands of reservations which will be processed by the Door Tablet server add-in. These do not affect your real reservations in any way. Reservations are created:
  1. For active meeting spaces only
  2. For days in which bookings are possible
  3. Random hourly length
  4. Random under or over booking
  5. Random no check-in bookings
  6. Random Reserved From - tablet or desktop

If all is set correctly Door Tablet will start posting hits right away.