Door Tablet Slide Shows

Displays don't have to ever be idle - use Door Tablet to play slide shows.

This unique feature allows you to create impressive shows that make use of the free broadcasting space on your display panels.  Use it to tell visitors about:
  1. Your company mission and strategy
  2. New product lines you have recently launched
  3. What is being served today at the restaurant
  4. Your policies on protecting the environment
  5. Employee benefits and new offerings
  6. Local city sites visitors should see
and much more.

VIDEO: Slide shows in Door Tablet
When do Slide Shows appear
For all display types you need to specify the Slide Show you wish to show.  For individual rooms you are required to specify this in a room record, and for public display you will need to specify the show in the appropriate neighbourhood configuration.  For Airport displays you need to specify time slices, too.

Room display
When the room is free and until ten minutes before the next meeting.  The show stops when the display is touched or when popups are displayed, or when you view the status of other rooms.  A show is resumed after a period of inactivity, defined by you.

Cluster Display
When there are no current meetings, in any of the displayed rooms/resources.  A slide show will stop showing ten minutes before the earliest meeting begins.  Touching the display stops the Slide Show and popups prevent a slide show from resuming.  A show is resumed after a period of inactivity, defined by you.

Schedule Display
Same as Cluster Display above but without the ability to touch.

Welcome Display
Slide shows appear when there are no greetings to display.

Slide Show Display
Your show will appear constantly and will not be interrupted by meetings.  With this display type, Door Tablet checks for show updates on a frequent bases, on average of every two minutes.  The show will change if you make any changes, including slides, captions, transitions, in-line styles, or changes to slide names.

Airport Display
Slide shows appear on a multi-screen Airport Display.  They do not appear on rotating Airport Displays.  When you display a particular Airport page display, the slide show will appear when there are no running meetings or ten minutes before the earliest meeting.  When the show plays it does so on a time-slice basis, or plays continuously if there are no longer meetings to show on the screen.

Door Tablet stores your slide shows and allows them to be easily shared between displays.  The Door Tablet Web UI allows you to easily create shows and maintain all their parts.  To learn more about Slide Shows in the Web UI click here

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