Door Tablet is on G-Cloud 12

Door Tablet is approved for G-Cloud 12 as a business supplier to the Crown Commercial Service in the UK. 

Today, government departments increasingly need to think and work like modern competitive businesses. 
This means a greater emphasis on resource optimization, and decreasing the amount of interrupted meetings and misused or underutilized spaces.

Do you wonder if you are getting the best out of your meeting room facilities? 
Optimise your investment in your meeting spaces with Door Tablet.  You will present a business face that is focused on operational excellence.

G-Cloud 12 is a framework that allows the UK public sector bodies to search and buy services to suit their software requirements through the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.   There is a rigorous procedure to become a supplier to the Crown Commercial Service, and Door Tablet has fulfilled all obligations to be a part of the service. 

Research has shown that organizing the workspace saves up to 15% of the working week. 
Smart building and workspace management technology like Door Tablet provide that organization and optimization for all manner of entities.  

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Door Tablet is used by corporates around the globe to improve the way they work and reduce time and resource waste.  
They use Door Tablet to become more competitive and provide a better working environment for their employees.

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