Door Tablet runs on cloud servers, eliminating on-premise installations. Compatible with Microsoft Office 365, Google Calendar for Business, and other cloud-based calendaring systems. Anonymousprnt::Y

Cloud Services

Door Tablet can run on a cloud server eliminating the need for an on-premise installation.  The service is available for users who use the following platforms:
  1. Microsoft Office 365
  2. Google Calendar for Business
  3. Other supported calendaring systems which are on the cloud (or SaaS)
Please note that if you run a multinational operation and host Exchange on-premise, you can still use this service and configuration provided that Exchange is "visible" to the Door Tablet server using Exchange Web Services (EWS) through your firewall.

About this installation

  1. Create a Windows instance on Amazon EC2 partition - you may wish to use another cloud service but this is the one we work with
  2. Install the Door Tablet server on the above
  3. Connect Door Tablet to your cloud-based scheduling system
  4. Configure SSL and DNS
  5. Configure defenses to allow access using firewall rules and IP ranges
  6. Connect your on-premise tablets to the Door Tablet server

What we can do for you

We can provide you with a service that enables you to roll out Door Tablet on the cloud with ease.  We can provide you with the following:
  1. Create cloud instance and install Door Tablet on it
  2. Bind the server to your scheduling system, with your assistance
  3. Sync Door Tablet with all your resources
  4. Help you implement the business rules you wish for each of your rooms
  5. Implement branding and slide shows
  6. Perform maintenance updates
  7. Ensure Door Tablet is always available and ready to use

If you would like more information and a quote for the above, please get in touch.